The Five Stones is Back!!!

     After nearly twenty years of supporting small churches and their ministries, the Five Stones newsletter (in hard copy) suspended publication. But now the Five Stones is back in this web site format!


Are you a pastor or a leader in a small congregation?


This web site will provide you with:

*Insights into the nature and spiritual strength of small churches

*Stories of small churches that could

*Reviews of resources focusing on small churches

*Dialog between small church practicioners

*Postings of live training ops for small church leaders

and much more.....







What's a Small Church?

A congregation with under 200 at worship?

                              under 100?

                              under 75?

                                                 under 50?

                                                 under 25?  


A church that is under-resourced and can't pay a full time pastor?


A congregation that can't run extensive programming?


Losers in a "bigger is better" society?


Some would define small churches this way, but not us!


We see small churches as congregations


* That feel and act like family.
* Churches where being is more important than doing.

    (though we do more than we get credit for!)

* Parishes that value building upon tradition.



Carl Dudley said it best,"The small church is a single cell of caring people!
Winners in embodying Christ's qualities."